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2nd March 2016
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2nd March 2016

Supply Chain Utilities


Supply Chain Utilities

Supply Chain Utilities

The order processing utility solutions (OPUS) has been designed and developed to assist any Pegasus Opera 3 users whenever they are processing sales or purchase orders.

Applications Include

The OPUS suite of applications consists of multiple modules: Sales & Purchase Order History, Copy Quote and Multiple SOP Pricing, POP Reporting, Purchase Order Creation and SOP Warnings. Each of these can be purchased separately, but together they provide a powerful combination of new features and functionality.

Sales and Purchase Order History provides a clear view of what the customer has previously purchased and at what price, or conversely what has been ordered from a supplier. The views can be accessed by hot keys from inside Order Processing, or from menu options.

Sales Order Pricing allows the customer’s price list to be changed for an entire order, and also provides a dropdown list to allow a selection from range of special prices to be allocated to individual items. Copy Quote facility enables quotations to be copied from one customer account to another.

Batch Purchase Orders provides a grid to enter requirements for multiple suppliers and products, based upon a number of user defined criteria and filters. The same criteria and filters can be used to generate a Stock Re-Order Report which includes the stock issues history. Finally, a Stock View facility has been added to standard Purchase Order Processing so that stock details can be accessed without the need to abandon the current order. In conjunction with Purchase Order History this provides everything a buyer should require.

Sales Order Notifications helps to ensure that minimum gross margins are maintained, either at customer or stock category level. It can also monitor minimum order values and check if a carriage charge has been included within the order details. A daily message can also be setup which can appear on customer documentation such as order confirmations and sales invoices.

Features include:
  • An enquiry facility to show previous orders either by customer, supplier, or stock reference
  • The ability to add previously ordered items to the current order
  • A transaction drill down to the original PDF document (where available)
  • Minimum margin warnings in SOP, set and monitored either globally or by individual stock categories
  • An optional warning in SOP if Carriage has not been charged
  • An optional warning in SOP if a minimum sales order value has not been reached
  • A copy quotation facility with a re-pricing option
  • Customer special price lists can be changed within SOP and line values globally recalculated
  • The ability to view and select any standard or special prices per sales order or sales invoice line
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Version v 3.0
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